National No Agent Fee Listing Program: Maximizing Exposure, Minimizing Cost

The National No Agent Fee Listing Program offers a unique approach to selling your property, providing extensive exposure on major real estate platforms without the need for a traditional agent and eliminating the commission typically associated with such services

12/28/20231 min read

1. Amplify & Multiply Your Exposure: The program lists your property on leading real estate websites, including©, Zillow©, Trulia©, and many others. These platforms are frequented by over 150 million visitors monthly, providing unparalleled visibility for your listing. By featuring your property on these sites, you're not just reaching a local audience but tapping into a vast pool of potential buyers nationwide.

2. No Agent? No Commission!: Traditionally, even with a flat fee MLS service, if a buyer's agent is involved, you're typically required to pay their commission. The National No Agent Fee Listing Program, however, operates differently. If you sell your property without an agent, you pay no commission at all. This is a significant financial benefit, especially for those comfortable handling the sale themselves.

What You Get with This Program:

  • Broad Online Presence: Your listing will be visible on major real estate websites, which are crucial touchpoints in the buyer's journey. This includes platforms like Hotpads©, RE/MAX©,©, Movoto©, Coldwell Banker©,©, and

  • Targeted Exposure: These websites are not just popular; they are frequented by serious homebuyers. This targeted exposure can lead to more efficient and quicker sales.

  • Cost Savings: By avoiding agent commissions, you could save a significant amount of the sale price, which is particularly beneficial in higher-value property transactions.

  • Control and Flexibility: You have more control over the selling process, from setting the price to scheduling viewings and negotiating directly with buyers.

Ideal for Self-Motivated Sellers: This program is perfect for sellers who are comfortable taking on the role traditionally filled by real estate agents. It's an empowering choice for those who want direct involvement in the sale process, from marketing to closing the deal.